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Practical Magic



Practical Magic
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Practical Magic is a wonderful movie - it's sort of funny, sort of spooky, and sort of romantic.

Sandra Bullock plays Sally Owens, a witch who just wants to be normal - in her little town, everyone knows ancestry is made up of witches, and therefore people avoid her. She marries and has two children, but her husband dies because of a curse that dates back to Maria Owens, the first witch in her family.

Meanwhile, her sister Gillian (Nicole Kidman) has been running around all over the country with boyfriend after boyfriend, until one becomes abusive. Immediately, she calls Sally to rescue her, but dearest boyfriend just kidnaps them both. Being witches, they know how to drug him with an herb, but Sally gives him too much and accidentally kills him. They drag his body back home, raise him from the dead, kill him again, and bury him.

This is sort of a "grass is greener" story - Sally just wants to get rid of her magical abilities, Gillian wishes she were half as talented as Sally.

Okay, this movie is something of a chick flick, but it's not as sappy as Bullock's last film, Hope Floats, which became something of a soap opera toward its apparent ending. I thoroughly enjoyed Practical Magic and would gladly see it again. It's the perfect Halloween movie to see this year.

My Rating = Three Stars

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