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Powder is a well-written and superbly acted film that should have been highly acclaimed but wasn't. Unfortunately, many such movies are overlooked in favor of more hyped but less captivating films.

Powder (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a very unique young man who earned that nickname because his skin lacks pigment (he is also bald and highly sensitive to the sun). He has amazing powers that enable him to do freaky things in the presence of any kind of electricity. Additionally, he has an off-the-charts high IQ, can read minds, and has remarkable insights about others. Having been literally locked away in a cellar most of his life by his ashamed grandparents, he is now introduced to society by kind social worker Jessie (Mary Steenburgen).

Most of his new classmates shun him, except for one girl, whose father is totally against her relationship with him. There is a subplot about the local sheriff's terminally ill wife, whose mind Powder can see into although she is in a semi-comatose state. Jeff Goldblum has a supporting role as one of Powder's teachers, and also becomes his friend later on.

In one particularly gripping scene, Powder shows a cruel hunter how inhumane hunting is by "connecting" him to the mind of a bullet-ridden deer and allowing the hunter to feel its pain.

This wonderful story was extremely insightful, if a bit too moralistic. Hollywood needs to stop with the alien-sci-fi garbage and make more movies like this.

My Rating = Three Stars

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