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Playing God



Playing God
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If you're planning on having an operation soon, skip Playing God, which chronicles the adventures of Eugene, an ex-doctor who lost his license for losing a patient while stoned. Depressed and still hooked on drugs, he walks around with that "just living to die" look on his face. While in a bar picking up some illegal amphetamines, he witnesses a shooting and saves the victim's life. It just so happens that the victim was a friend of mobster Raymond Blossom, so then Raymond feels indebted to Eugene. To repay Eugene, he gives him ten thousand dollars - and his old job back. Eugene now treats people who are unable to check into a hospital for personal reasons - if identified, they'd be sent to jail. Meanwhile, Eugene falls for Raymond's girlfriend, Claire - a bad idea.

Also, skip this movie if you're squeamish - there are several gruesome scenes with lots of blood, guts, and incisions. At one point, a gusher of blood erupts from a body in such a perfect stream it's blatantly obvious that it's fake.

The movie was well acted by Duchovney and his co-stars; unfortunately, the special effects people didn't do their part in making the shoot-outs and bloody bodies look realistic. However, the plot and acting make up for that and I'd still highly recommend it.

My Rating = Four Stars

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