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Lake Placid



Lake Placid
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An intense, edge-of-your-seat thriller it ain't. Lake Placid does fare better as a comedy, but it should have been marketed as such - not as a scary monster movie.

When a big, mysterious underwater creature starts dismembering people in peaceful Lake Placid, the sheriff (Brendan Gleeson) sends for help. This comes in the form of a paleontologist , Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda) who wouldn't be caught dead doing field work if her boyfriend/boss hadn't dumped her for another coworker. Still, she insists on tracking down the creature, which turns out to be an exceedingly large crocodile. A game warden, Jack Wells (Bill Pullman), and Ms. Scott, who now have a bit of a romance going on, want to capture the creature without killing it. (And without getting too many people killed in the process, either.)

Lake Placid offers its share of laughs, mostly in the form of sarcastic, biting repartee between the characters. Yet it's hardly what I'd call uproariously hilarious. The acting is adequate, but the characters and plot are pretty transparent. I'd wait to rent this one instead of spending money to see it in theaters.

My Rating = Two Stars

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