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Picture Perfect



Picture Perfect
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This is, as the manager at my local movie theatre so aptly put it, a "female" movie. So, girls, don't drag your boyfriend, or any other guys, to it, because they'll be bored. But do see it.

Jennifer Anniston stars as a single woman whose boss at an advertising firm thinks she's too young and independent to take her job seriously, and therefore doesn't give her the promotion she justly deserves. Just then, her dear friend Darcy sweeps in to save Anniston by showing the boss a picture of Anniston and a wedding photographer. Darcy claims they're engaged. The boss figures Anniston is now tied down, and gives her the promotion. At first, Anniston is against this sneaky, manipulative idea, but persistent, persuasive Darcy talks her into it. As you can imagine, this leads to some humorous situations, including a hilarious dinner table scene with her boss.

See this movie for good laughs - and great acting. Anniston is better here than on Friends.

My Rating = Four Stars

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