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Phenomenon is disappointing. Touted as a "big smash of the summer" type movie Phenomenon didn't quite fit the billing. The buttered popcorn left a better taste in my mouth than Phenomenon.

On his 37th birthday, John Malley (John Travolta) gets drunk, and stumbles outside. He sees a "light", which he speculates is a U.F.O..

Soon, it's all over town. Lovely Lacie, whom he loves but is constantly being rejected by (talk about taking a beating and coming back for more!) thinks even less of him now.

Did I mention that ever since he saw this "light" he has become a genius? He can also predict earthquakes, move things with his mind, and feel the pain of others. Right!

And he really doesn't do anything with his powers, except give his small town neighbors- including Lace - something to gossip about.

Oh, gee, what a plot.

If you've watched Phenomenon and liked it, I'd say that is a phenomenon!

My Rating = One Star

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