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Although I'm not a Dean Koontz's fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Phantoms, which was based on his book Phantoms.

It's a science-fiction/horror flick, and it's typically disgusting: Two sisters return to the older sister's new home in Snowfield, to find it nearly deserted, except for a couple cops and several extremely gross corpses. Naturally, strange occurrences ensue - radios start playing the old country song "I Fall to Pieces", to accompany the screams when the dead bodies are found. The older sister, a doctor, examines the corpses, but can't determine the cause of death. A former college professor, Timothy Flyte (Peter O'Toole) whose far-fetched ideas got him kicked out of the University, now writes for a tabloid, and the FBI forces him to go to Snowfield. Apparently, they think his crazy theories can explain the disappearance of so many people, and that he can aid the four still left alive in Snowfield. A team of top scientists is also brought in.

I was impressed by the originality of the script, and the acting. The special effects are stunning - really stunning; these grotesque corpses pop up right when you least expect it! - and I was fascinated.

My Rating = Four Stars

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