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A Perfect Murder



A Perfect Murder
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A Perfect Murder is a perfect movie. It's suspenseful and marvelously acted, with a deviously twisted plot.

Steven (Michael Douglas) and Emily Taylor (Gwyneth Paltrow) star as a rich but not so happily married couple. Emily is sleeping with another man, David Shaw, (Viggo Mortensen) and naturally Steve quickly discovers their little secret. When secretively confronting David, instead of getting angry or furious, Steve asks David to do him a favor and murder Emily! Steve offers David $500,000 and promises to keep David's police record a secret. Then he gives David a tour around their apartment, explaining exactly how he wants David to sneak in - appearing to be a random burglar - and kill Emily. But when the "intruder" shows up, things don't exactly go as planned.

The acting was terrific - in one especially impressive scene, Emily confronts Steve, and he manages to turn the whole twisted story around and make it appear that he was only trying to protect her! What an acting job! Also look for a scene where someone is murdered with a meat thermometer - now there's a new twist on the old horror movie attack sequence!

My Rating = Four Stars

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