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I don't see why they called this movie Peacemaker. A better title would have been "People Fighting Each Other with Bombs and Guns".

To prevent an international war in the former U.S.S.R., Lieutenant Tom Devoe (George Clooney, tries to confiscate ten stolen nuclear warheads. Naturally, he's not working alone, but is assisted by beautiful Dr.Kelly (Nicole Kidman), a White House aid. (Incidentally, this movie does have some sexist overtones because DeVoe does most of the fighting and Kelly does most of the shrieking and acting helpless.) Anyway, there is much violence and blood shed, during the midst of which a twisted and disgruntled Russian music teacher makes off with one of the warheads and heads to New York to bomb the city.

While the movie does have a lot of action, I found these scenes tedious, repetitive, and so obviously fake, that it was genuinely difficult to "get into" the "Peacemaker".

My Rating = Two Stars

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