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Payback is a loud, action-packed, explosive film about Porter, a middle-aged fellow who goes to an enormous amount of trouble to retrieve $70,000 that he felt was rightfully his - simply because he helped steal it.

That would be Mel Gibson, a remarkably easy actor to watch on the silver screen for two hours. He's a criminal whose two partners in crime - his wife and a close friend- stab him in the back (actually they shoot him in the back - twice, if you want to get technical) , leave him for dead (which he isn't) and take off with Porter's share of the $130,000.

Much later, when his wife overdoses on drugs, Porter isn't too brokenhearted. He is upset about losing his cash, though. Aided by several people, including his ex-girlfriend, a prostitute, he sets out to get his money back.

Payback was certainly entertaining, but I wouldn't say it's Gibson's best movie. (Ransom, for example, was a much better thriller.) For the most part, Payback was well written, but there were a few weak links in the plot. Take his romance with the hooker - it made the plot of Payback seem like Pretty Woman meets The Fugitive!

My Rating = Three Stars

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