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What can I say? Paulie is your typical little kids movie: cute, nauseating, and boring. Yes, it's a great movie for kids under ten, but it's torture for anyone older.

Paulie is a parrot who not only mimics what people say but carries on conversations with them. The movie begins with the poor parrot locked up in a basement, befriended by a Russian immigrant. He tells the immigrant his life's story - how he originally belonged to a little girl with a speech defect until her parents got rid of him. Then he traveled across Russia to find her, having lots of adventures along the way.

Twenty minutes into Paulie, I was mildly bored. After an hour, I was going up the curtained walls of the movie theatre. Fortunately, Paulie is only an hour and a half long; thus some of my sanity was salvaged and brain damage was minimal.

Send your kids with their friends' parents to see this one.

My Rating = Two Stars

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