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Patriot Games
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With the exception of the Star Trek movies, Harrison Ford is sensational at playing those big important hero parts. Not to mention that, although he may be way old, he's still pretty sexy. Yeah, he's the perfect actor all right.

Okay, you're probably waiting for me stop babbling my ode to Ford and get to my point, huh? Sorry, I was trying to review Patriot Games and I got a little off course.

Ford plays Jack Ryan, a former CIA agent who now teaches at a military academy. While vacationing in Europe with his family, he witnesses an important political figure being shot at and, while rushing to save the day, takes a bullet in his chest. Naturally, this earns him instant hero status - and the CIA asks him back. He turns them down, but when his family is targeted, he changes his mind, and sets out to find and kill his new enemies.

Patriot Games is a fast-paced, engaging thriller that you will probably enjoy even if you're not a big Harrison Ford fan - but then, who isn't?

My Rating = Three Stars

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