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Patch Adams



Patch Adams
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Patch Adams is both a hysterically funny yet serious film that was thoroughly entertaining.

Robin Williams plays Patch Adams, a medical student who acts like an idiot. Okay, doctors are supposed to act like idiots, but Patch does it on purpose! Apparently, he thinks that laughter is the best medicine.

And if that's true, then anyone who sees this movie should end up in great health, because you laugh all the way through! Patch's continual antics are outrageous and the audience laughed uproariously at many scenes. (The last scene was the funniest - I won't spoil it for you, but it was a very grand finale!)

However, the doctors who run the university and the hospital aren't amused by Patch's behavior. In fact, the dean of the school attempts to have Patch kicked out.

Meanwhile, there is a subplot about Patch's friends - including his girlfriend. (This ends rather tragically, and Patch almost gives up his quest to be a doctor because of what happens to her.)

One critic I know said he could tell by the previews "exactly which heartstrings Patch Adams is going to pull and when." I thought I did too, but assumed Williams' humor would keep the plot going which it certainly did. However, I didn't see the shocking subplot about Patch's girlfriend coming anywhere in the previews, and a few other parts were surprising as well. Also, I found it amazing that Patch Adams was based on a true story - it was extremely difficult to believe that someone actually pulled all those hilariously zany stunts!

My Rating = Four Stars

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