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The Paper



The Paper
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Hilarious actor Michael Keaton stars in this crazy comedy about the newspaper business.

Henry Hackett (Michael Keaton) writes for one newspaper, but is considering a job at a rival newspaper. His pregnant wife (Marisa Tomei) wants him to take the job because he'll make more money working fewer hours, and can spend more time with her and their new baby. Meanwhile, several stories are developing and he has to decide which one is going to be the biggest story. The confusion and mayhem in the newsroom escalates until a shot is fired.

While talking with the rival paper's editor about the job, Henry manages to obtain information on their lead story for the next day. But, will he steal the lead story?

Keaton is a very risible comedian, and the story will hold your attention. The various subplots are equally diverting, and although the movie slows at times, overall, it's worthy entertainment.

My Rating = Three Stars

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