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The Pallbearer



The Pallbearer
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David Schwimmer stars in this inventive, if silly comedy about - what else? - a pallbearer.

Schwimmer plays 19 year old Tom Thompson, who receives a call letting him know that Bill Abernathy is dead. And who is Bill Abernathy? Tom has no idea! Still, he agrees to be a pallbearer and even to give the eulogy. Meanwhile, he runs into Julie (Gwyneth Paltrow), a former high school crush whom he never really got over. Looks like as good a time as ever for Tom to ask her out, but it seems that it isn't such a good time for Julie, who plans to take off with no definite destination to do some soul searching. Tom also has an affair with Bill's mother (remember the dead guy!), who becomes incredibly jealous after seeing him with Julie. He also has fights with two of his good friends. What a mess he's in now!

I have to give the writers kudos for coming up with such a new premise for a movie. Also, it's not one of those movies where the end is ridiculously apparent - it keeps you wondering about who Bill was, why his mother thought to call Tom, and what Julie's problems are.

My Rating = Three Stars

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