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Outbreak is an outstanding movie, and my only regret is that I watched it on TV, rather than renting the video. I should have shelled out the two bucks so I wouldn't have to watch all those commercials that were distracting.

Still, Outbreak was captivating. Dustin Hoffman stars as a medical researcher (personally, I don't think Hoffman is nerdy enough to play a doctor, but then a nerdy actor probably wouldn't have been fun to watch, so I think he was well cast.) His ex-wife (Rene Russo, who isn't nerdy either but is an excellent actress), is also a medical researcher who is forced to work with him when a super-bug type virus pops up in the United States. (In spite of the two generals who wanted to cover up their germ warfare - and keep the anti-serum for it secret, the super bug virus left Africa and traveled to America.)

Obviously, Hoffman hopes to win Russo back, but she doesn't seem quite as interested in him. They end up fighting about whether or not to warn people of the virus (some divorced couples will fight about anything).

Every time it became exciting, the movie stopped short and three different stores tried to convince me to do my holiday shopping with them. Uninterrupted, Outbreak might have been a bit more suspenseful. However, I lovedOutbreak, even if it was rather evident that Russo and Hoffman would be back together by the end of the movie. The cast was top-notch, and the plot intriguing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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