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Out on a Limb



Out on a Limb
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Out on a Limb is a funny comedy.

The story begins with a story. A little girl explains to her classmates what happened during her summer vacation - namely, her stepdad's twin brother, who had been in prison for fifteen years for a crime he claims he didn't commit, finally got out. The newly released twin murders his brother - who happens to be the mayor - and takes his place. Meanwhile, the little girl calls her older, grown brother Bill (Matthew Broderick), to come and save her. With her wild imagination, however, he doesn't believe her, but agrees to come visit her.

Bad idea.

Halfway there, he is hijacked by a strange woman on a motorcycle. She demands that he take off his clothes - so he can't go straight to the police - and drives off in his car. After walking back home, he finds that everything appears to be in order - even though his sister still insists something's going on with their stepfather.

Out on a Limb is a very amusing movie and makes a good movie rental.

My Rating = Two Stars

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