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The Other Sister



The Other Sister
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The Other Sister is a marvelous movie. When I went to a recent sneak preview, the very small theatre was packed! No seats available!

Juliette Lewis portrays Carla, a mildly retarded young woman of about eighteen or twenty. Having recently graduated from her school for mentally challenged people, she now wants to attend a "real school". She also wants to get her own apartment. Her mother, wonderfully portrayed by Diane Keaton, is reluctant to let Carla make so many major changes. Eventually, she gives in. Meanwhile, Carla meets Danny, a boy with similar problems, at school and soon their relationship becomes serious. This worries Carla's mother even more.

The Other Sister is a thoroughly entertaining, terrific movie. All the actors are excellent, especially Lewis, and the film was marvelously plotted. This movie has humor, romance, and all the elements of a wonderful film. It also focuses heavily on Carla's relationship with her mother, while there are subplots about her sisters. (One is getting married and brings her fiance home to mom and dad, while the other is a lesbian and wants her new girlfriend to meet the family.) I loved The Other Sister and highly recommend it.

My Rating = Four Stars

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