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Opportunity Knocks



Opportunity Knocks
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Dana Carvey, best known for his comic genius in Wayne's World, returns in Opportunity Knocks an hilarious comedy.

Carvey plays a con man/burglar who, while robbing a house with his partner, discovers that the owner, David, is away for two months and the house is empty. His partner splits, and Carvey decides to stick around for a while, but doesn't plan on posing as someone else. Yes, he has to pose as David's genius friend, the house sitter. He is greeted with a warm reception from David's parents, and moves in on David's sister. Unfortunately, he begins to genuinely like the family and his long-absent conscience finally kicks in. But is it too late?

In one hysterically funny scene, Carvey tries to explain to David's sister that he's not who they think he is. She thinks he's asking her to marry him, and now they're engaged!

My Rating = Three Stars

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