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Operation Condor



Operation Condor
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Operation Condor is a comical, but action packed karate movie. Although I'm not crazy about karate flicks, and had previously skipped Jackie Chan's movies, I absolutely loved it, and now plan to rent the rest of his films.

Chan plays a spy trying to find gold long hidden by the Nazis during World War II. He runs into one of the Nazis' granddaughters, and with the help of his, well, bossy female boss, they set off to find the gold. A particularly hilarious scene occurs when Chan pulls off a woman's towel, leaving her naked - to distract a few terrorists - just so he can attack them. O.K.

Chan's humor was different because he wasn't just another stone-faced "spy on a mission", nor was he a completely ridiculous Jim Carrey, but his own style made him an interesting cross between Jim Carrey, and Pierce Brosnan - a blend I find quite entertaining.

My Rating = Three Stars

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