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One Fine Day



One Fine Day
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One Fine Day is your mainstream romantic comedy. Although it's not sensational, you can view it without crawling up the walls in a mind-dulling boredom - at least until the last ten minutes. (Have you ever noticed that the last ten minutes of a so- so movie always seem the longest?

Michelle Pfeiffer is a single mother who literally misses the boat one hectic morning - her son's class is taking a boat trip and she makes it to the dock just in time to watch the boat depart. At the dock, she runs into another straggling parent - single father George Clooney who is her exact opposite : irresponsible, easygoing, and, in my opinion, a better parent. Anyway, this equals instant fireworks because this is, after all, a movie. They continually bump into each other all day, accidentally swap cell phones, rely on each other for babysitting, and by the end of the day they're smooching on her couch. Not exactly realistic or even terribly inventive, but it has enough vaguely amusing scenes and a sketchy but adequate plot to rate a two.

My Rating = Two Stars

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