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Once Upon a Crime



Once Upon a Crime
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Once Upon a Crime is a twisted, mind-melding mystery and an hilarious comedy.

An apparently dense young woman heads to Paris to be with her boyfriend - forever, according to him. At least until she gets there and he dumps her. Having spent all her money flying to Paris, she is now broke and needs cash. When she finds a dog that matches a lost-dog ad in the paper, she is forced to split the reward with another guy who found the dog - after she shooed it away. That is, if they ever get the reward - when they arrive at the old woman's mansion, they find it deserted - except for a dead body.

Meanwhile, a compulsive gambler loses quite a lot of money in a casino. Miserable, he wanders around trying to figure out how to tell his wife, who understandably disapproves of his habit. That's when he finds a suitcase and takes it with him, thinking that there might be something valuable in it. It turns out there's a dead body in it.

Once Upon a Crime is a wonderfully funny rental and, with a not-so-obvious ending, keeps you thinking while you laugh. Granted, it's a little spoof-ish - it begins on a train with several mysterious characters, bringing to mind an Agatha Christie story - and somewhat cliche, but it proves entertaining nonetheless.

My Rating = Three Stars

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