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An Officer and a Gentleman



An Officer and a Gentleman
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A young Richard Gere stars in An Officer and a Gentleman a somewhat interesting film.

Gere portrays a young man who joins the navy shortly after finishing college. His alcoholic father, no upstanding citizen himself, laughs at this idea.

Once in the navy, Gere endures rigorous training under a no-nonsense sergeant. Meanwhile, he begins a romance with a young woman - one of many who come to the island every week, conniving to get hitched to a "navy man". (Their tactics include "accidentally" getting pregnant so their boyfriends will feel obligated to marry them.) Subplots revolve around Gere's friends, other Navy trainees.

Parts of An Officer and a Gentleman were too predictable; others were indeed surprising (such as the fate of Gere's buddy, who is kicked out of the Navy during survival training and later meets a bad end). Although An Officer and a Gentleman wasn't exactly boring, it wasn't exactly thrilling either.

My Rating = Two Stars

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