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Office Space



Office Space
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Office Space is the movie for anyone who hates their job, their boss, their copy machine, or any combination of the above.

Three disgruntled employees including white collar worker Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) plot to make it big by siphoning money from their company's funds. They will do this with a computer program that steals only fractions of cents at a time. For this reason, no one should notice any missing money, but within a few years it will accumulate into a hundred thousand dollars or so. Simple plan, right? They all think so until it backfires - big time.

Meanwhile, laughable scene follows laughable scene as we watch the characters' miserable lives unfold. Condescending bosses, annoying coworkers, and new consultants are only a few of the problems these poor guys encounter. Also, there is a subplot about Peter's girlfriend, Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) and her miserable job as a waitress.

I thoroughly enjoyed Office Space. The black humor and quick, continuously funny plot makes Office Space a don't-miss comedy. It's an especially terrific movie for disgruntled employees (and who hasn't felt disgruntled at one time or another?) I don't think I found anything to dislike about this movie, and naturally I'm very, well, critical.

My Rating = Two Stars

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