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October Sky



October Sky
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I don't know what it is with the achievement theme in movies. Apparently, many people think that just because the main character accomplishes some all-important goal in the face of adversity, it's the best movie of the year. If it's based on a true story, that's even better.

October Sky just fell way short of my expectations. While the heroes of this film, four high school boys in a small coal-mining town, accomplish their goal of winning a national science fair and gleaning college scholarships, the film itself failed to impress me.

Homer Hiccom (what kind of a name is that anyway?) aspired to be a rocket scientist for NASA. Growing up in his small coal-mining town during the fifties, this didn't seem like a viable career option, but, with his friends - they persevered, building bottle rockets and eventually earning those scholarships.

Half the people sitting around me in the crowded theatre informed me beforehand that I was going to love October Sky (although I never asked them). When we left the theatre, "they" all seemed to have enjoyed it, but, unfortunately, I didn't.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those movies that I'm "dead wrong" about (at least according to everyone else). However, I stand by my opinion: I was jaded by October Sky because the plot, although based on a true story, was dull.

My Rating = Two Stars

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