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The Object of My Affection



The Object of My Affection
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Although Jennifer Anniston is a terrific actress, and her last comedy, Picture Perfect was hilarious, The Object of My Affection just falls flat.

Anniston plays Nina Borowski, a social worker who lets George Hanson, (Paul Rudd) a gay guy, be her roommate. Her boyfriend Vince (John Pankow) gets her pregnant, but Nina doesn't want to marry him. She doesn't think they make a good couple because of Vince's terribly overbearing ways, yet Vince loves her. So she asks George, a homosexual nursery school teacher, to help her raise the child. Predictably, she falls in love with him, (he is rather cute) but, obviously, he doesn't feel quite the same way about her. The movie drags on and on, eventually concluding that gay men usually have no interest in women, and certainly don't want to get married. Now that's profound! Shouldn't it have been obvious to Nina from the beginning how this was going to work out? Because the ending was so transparent, it really wasn't a particularly entertaining movie to sit through. A few amusing scenes occurred near the beginning, but the movie took way too long reaching its too-apparent end.

Jennifer Anniston picked a sorry script; that's all I can say.

My Rating = Two Stars

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