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Now and Then



Now and Then
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Now and Then is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Four twelve year old girls - Roberta, Tina, Chrissy, and Samantha - are living in the "Gaslight Addition" neighborhood, close to each other, in the early 70's. Although they are the best of friends, they are very different. Roberta is a tomboy - and at one point during the movie - she even bloodies a boy's nose; Tina is an attractive, only child with dreams of becoming a Hollywood movie star; Chrissy is very confused, thanks mostly to her idotic mother's definition of the "facts of life"; and then there is Samantha, the writer, whose parents separation upset both her and her sister very much.

But the girls are always there for each other -in good times as well as bad. They even save money to buy they very own pink treehouse where many secrets are exchanged.

Their exploits include chasing some nude boys, as well as fighting with boys; Roberta's first kiss'; Samantha's near drowning in a sewer; seances in a nearby cemetery where a gravestone actually moves; plus many others. It's a fast-paced lively movie.

The movie begins with the "girls" all grown up, and quickly riverts back to their childhood, where most of the movie is spent. But, as the movie ends they are adults - and one of them - I won't say which one - has her first baby delivered, of course, by one of her best friends.

My Rating = Three Stars

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