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Nine Months



Nine Months
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Nine Months a cleverly, witty flick will keep you laughing for most of the movie.

Hugh Grant stars as Samuel Faulkner, a child psychologist. Rebecca Taylor, (Julianne Moore) Faulkner's live-in girlfriend, accidentally becomes pregnant. She happens to tell him this while he's driving and they nearly go off the road, banging up his trendy sports car. Later, she talks him into keeping the baby, although he really hates the idea of becoming a father. When they consult an obstetrician, they meet wacky Dr. Kosevich(Robin Williams), who's filling in for their more experienced doctor. Meanwhile, Faulkner's best friend's brother-in-law (Tom Arnold), and quick talking car salesman is also expecting a baby (his fourth) and finds many ways to annoy Faulkner.

This hilarious movie had many humorous scenes, including one where both Faulkner and Doctor Kosevich faint in the delivery room.

Both Hugh Grant and Robin Williams made this ridiculous story seem credible. Without their plausible performances, I'd have advised you to skip it. But, they were there, and the movie was more than worth viewing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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