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Night Watch



Night Watch
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Night Watch is a prime example of a movie with no plot, no adequate acting, and definitely no entertainment value. To tell you the truth, I walked out after an hour.

Ewan MacGregor is college student Martin Belos who takes a job as a night watchman at a morgue. Can you see where this one's going already? I sure could. He's got a nutty friend who sneaks in one night and poses as a corpse to scare him. Now that's original. How many times have moviegoers seen the body-under-a-sheet-sitting-up gag? After plenty more of these stupid stunts, the plot gets going a little - a serial killer has been murdering prostitutes, and it's painfully obvious who the killer is from the beginning. So there's not much else to this movie except blood and gore.

I don't see how this pointless, plot-lacking script ever got made into a movie in the first place. Unless you happen to be a deranged serial killer yourself, I don't see how anyone could find this film engaging; it's simply disgusting.

My Rating = One Star

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