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Mr. Nice Guy



Mr. Nice Guy
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Jackie Chan's movie, Mr. Nice Guy, isn't terribly original - it's the same karate chopping and laughable slapstick you see in all his movies - but it is quite captivating.

Although I'm not a big fan of action/martial arts movies, Mr. Nice GuyMr. Nice Guy, a martial arts expert who works as a chef because he doesn't like the danger involved in being a cop like his close friend Victor. One day he accidentally gets mixed up with a TV reporter who stole an incriminating tape of some drug lords. She drops the tape in his car while he's helping her make an escape, and when she leaves without it the drug lords are after him.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Jackie performs unbelievable stunt after unbelievable stunt, but his acting is also quite adroit. The supporting cast is proficient, and the mixture of action and comedy proves very pleasing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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