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The Newton Boys



The Newton Boys
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Although I usually don't like westerns, I thoroughly enjoyed The Newton Boys. Perhaps I can attribute that to the fact that it stars two of my favorite Hollywood hunks, Matthew McConaughey (Willis Newton) and Ethan Hawke (Jess Newton), two bank robbers in the early nineteen hundreds (the film was based on a true story). With a third brother and some friends, they are the most successful bank robbers of all time, collecting millions from banks. Willis is the brains of the operation, but has time to romance a mysterious woman (Julianna Marguiles, pretty far from her ER role) who claims her husband is dead (Willis later found out he isn't, and that they are, in fact, still married).

The Newton boys' mistakes are quite amusing, and the movie makes a great comedy. Not to mention that McConaughey and Hawke are definitely something to look at. I'm still trying to decide which one is better looking. McConaughey's portrayal of Willis is spectacular - he has just the right smooth charm and gets just the right fiendish gleam in his eye at all the right moments. Marguiles is very convincing in her supporting role as his girlfriend Louise.

My Rating = Three Stars

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