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The Negotiator



The Negotiator
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If you like suspense thrillers, The Negotiator is a terrific movie to see.

Samuel L. Jackson stars as Danny Roman, your typical "good cop": he upholds justice, protects the innocent, and is the best negotiator on the force, even risking his own life to save people. (His wife makes him promise to stop doing such crazy things, and he assures her that "Crazy is getting on the bus and leaving".)

It's not long before he is framed for the murder of his partner and friend, who had confided in him about a top-secret case. Apparently other cops on the force were involved in a money-laundering scheme, and he has been set up to look like the guilty party.

Before he can be arrested, Jackson takes his police chief, whom he suspects is in on the money laundering deal, hostage. The chief's secretary and two other guys are also held hostage, and now Jackson is a negotiator negotiating. The new negotiator, brought in to negotiate with him, is Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey). Still with me?

The concept is very interesting, and the plot is complicated enough that you can't guess the end, but not so twisted as to be confusing. Also, both Jackson and Spacey are great actors and were well cast in their roles. This one definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

My Rating = Three Stars

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