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Naked Gun 33 1/3



Naked Gun 33 1/3
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Spy movies are always good for a laugh. Especially those that double as comedies, like Naked Gun, 33 1/3.

Retired cop/spy Frank Daley (remarkable comedy actor Leslie Nielson) is prompted to get back into the game by his old coworkers. Disappointing his dumb-blond wife, who was all too happy that he retired from his stressful, dangerous job, he takes off on a new case: tracking terrorists who plan to bomb the Academy Awards (although the bombing site is not discovered until halfway through the movie). This results in some crowingly funny scenes at the Awards, where Frank, at one point, has to pose as Phil Donahue (and thoroughly embarrasses Donahue, too!).

Rent this risible comedy for nonstop fun. You'll cackle so much you'll think you've turned into a hen!

My Rating = Three Stars

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