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Naked Gun 2 1/2



Naked Gun 2 1/2
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Naked Gun 2 1/2 is your typical Lesley Nielson movie: stupid, stupid, stupid. And funny, funny , funny.

Of course Nielson plays Lt. Frank Drebin, the idiotic cop who always somehow manages to save the day. In this film he's investigating a bombing that may indirectly involve his old girlfriend Jane, whom he has been trying to get over for five years. Turns out she never got over him either, but of course he doesn't know that.

The movie opens with Drebin attending a White House dinner, where, naturally, he knocks over the First Lady twice. Not to mention that he also displays terrible table manners (he manages to get food all over himself and several other guests). Five minutes into the movie I was already laughing hysterically, and I didn't stop until the end. Nielson is terrific at acting dull-witted.

My Rating = Three Stars

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