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The Naked Gun



The Naked Gun
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Leslie Nielson is, as always, hilariously ridiculous in this laughably idiotic comedy. Nielson plays Frank Drebin, a policeman who has to clear the name of his longtime partner and friend Nordberg (played by O.J. Simpson - funny seeing him as a cop!).

Nordberg has been accused of smuggling drugs, although he was actually injured trying to apprehend the smugglers. He now lies unconscious in a hospital bed, and Frank tries to comfort Nordberg's hysterical wife by saying, "It's all right, I'm sure he'll be fine...but I wouldn't wait too long to fill out that organ donor card for him!"

Naturally, this is really helpful, and Frank continues on in this manner, cracking one-liners that make you crack up - and he keeps trying to catch the criminals with one half-witted stunt after another. There is a subplot about his girlfriend dumping him for another man, and he subsequently falls in love with his suspect's secretary. Nielson is one of the finest comedy actors around, but the plot deserves a lot of credit too. You have to wonder if the writers are complete idiots though, to be able to think up such stupid stuff! I laughed straight through this movie and plan to rent the sequel.

My Rating = Three Stars

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