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Mystery Men



Mystery Men
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Despite the fact that Mystery Men's previews appeared insipidly, moronically vapid, I actually thought it had some promise. Apparently, that promise was broken. Yikes! This film is too stupid to be comical. That is, unless you happen to find juvenile bathroom humor and hideously pathetic characters amusing.

Mystery Men attempts to poke fun at superheroes like Batman, Superman, etc, with a motley crew of screwball superheroes. The only "appealing" hero is Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear), whose career is on ice, thanks to the fact that he has successfully eradicated crime from his city. (No crime to fight means he's out of a job and loses his precious Pepsi endorsement.)

The rest of the "superheroes" receive no attention at all.

Let's see, we've got the Spleen, a hero whose super power is - get this- "farting". The Blue Raja (Hank Azaria) doesn't wear blue and can't do anything useful except throw silverware. The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo) does manage to pull a few decent stunts by hitting things with her bowling ball (it contains her dead father's skull - and his ghost). Tony (Eddie Izzard) claims excessive anger and a hot temper as his superpowers (he reminds me vaguely of Fonzie on Happy Days, I have no idea why). And it isn't hard to guess Invisible Boy's "power".

The most you get from Mystery Men is a few weak chuckles. The few fleeting moments of mildly diverting humor in this film aren't worth the time you'll waste watching this mindless drivel - and it's definitely not worth spending your money on!

My Rating = Two Stars

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