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The Muse is a light, absurd film that, while not exactly grounded in reality, features some highly amusing witticism.

Steven Phillips (Albert Brooks) is a filmmaker who is given a humanitarian award for his work. (As he later explains to his young daughter, "A humanitarian is someone who has never won the Oscar.") In fact, despite his recent award, he seems to be washed up - his career is going nowhere, and he's released from his major script-writing deal with a big studio. Desperate for work, he asks an old friend who is now a successful writer, for help. His friend recommends Sarah (Sharon Stone), a woman who gives her job description as "muse". That's right, for a lot of money and free food, room, and services, Sarah "inspires" most of Hollywood's most famous writers and directors. (Cameos by James Cameron, Martin Scorcese, Lorenzo Lamas, and many others are included.)

While unrealistic and rather silly, The Muse was quite hilarious. Steven's sarcastic humor was wonderfully flippant (he has some great one-liners). I also enjoyed the cameos by Hollywood stars (I found it especially amusing when Sarah advised Titanic writer James Cameron "not to go back in the water").

My Rating = Three Stars

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