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Murder at 1600



Murder at 1600
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Murder at 1600 is an unexceptional, uninspired film that was tolerable, but not especially enjoyable. (After the first hour, I stopped the videotape to check the run time, just to see how much movie time was left - I couldn't walk out because , after all it was a videotape , and you can't walk out of your own living room.)

A young woman is murdered in the White House. During the investigation, it is discovered that she had an affair with the president's son (and possibly the president himself). So who killed her? The chief homicide cop in charge of the investigation, with little help but many hindrances from the FBI, sets out to solve the crime. Murder in the White House is sticky business, of course, and he's reluctantly aided by a female Secret Service agent, who finds her loyalty to the Secret Service waning as the movie proceeds.

It wasn't that the action dragged, and became quite tedious, but the plot became confusing near the end. Again, the moviegoer is wondering: So, who killed her, already? After some confusion, when you finally know "who did it?, you really don't care anymore.

My Rating = Two Stars

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