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Muppet Treasure Island



Muppet Treasure Island
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I am positive that kids 10 years old and under will like the Muppet Treasure Island movie.

When young Jim Hawkins (Kevin Bishop) receives a treasure map, he goes looking for the treasure, and takes along his good pals, Gonzo and Rizzo, on a trip that quickly becomes an adventuresome high-seas quest. The captain of the ship is Captain Smollet (Kermit), and since every movie has to have a bad guy or two, Tim Curry plays "the evil pirate disguised as a ship's cook", who calls himself Long John Silver.

When Long John Silver and his crew of pirates take possession of the map, and kidnap Jim, it's up to Captain Smollet, and his Muppets, to save the day. It's not long before they all wind up on the treasure island with Smollett's old girlfriend, none other than the beautiful Miss Piggy. Now, all Jim and his friends have to do is redeem the map, do something about those exasperating pirates, and patch up Smollett's relationship with his old flame, Miss Piggy. No problem, right? Well, maybe...

You'll just have to see this movie to find out if Miss Piggy and Captain Smollett make peace, and what happens to Jim and his friends.

If you appreciate the Muppets, you'll love this movie - there's 400 Muppets in it!

My Rating = Four Stars

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