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The Mummy Returns



The Mummy Returns
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Now I remember why I didn't like the first Mummy movie. This sequel is just a rehashing of the first movie, which, despite its rave reviews and multi-million dollar take at the box office, was an annoying, boring action/adventure flick.

Brendan Frasier is back as an explorer/archaeologist. With his kooky, harebrained wife(Rachel Weisz), who failed to be cute and amusing long ago, he pokes around old pyramids. Probably they are looking for artifacts of historical importance, but all they find are long buried, evil spirits.

Wow, unearthing the angry ghost of a dead Egyptian ruler - you'd never expect that to happen in an ancient pyramid out in the desert!

The special effects would be fine if this were a cheesy sci-fi/horror flick - wait a minute, it is! (Since mummies are supernatural, I think it counts as "sci-fi/horror".)

The Mummy Returns is also ripe with weak attempts at comic relief. Many of these concepts - the bumbling idiot brother-in-law, the sneaky child getting into trouble- could have been funny - but they weren't. These sad attempts at humor proved to be the pathetic kind that make you wince.

And as for the Rock as the Scorpion King - well, the fact that they cast a wrestler in an acting role should tell you something right there. But hey, at least the Rock fits in - Mummy Returns is as poorly acted and unrealistically staged as wrestling.

But I felt the same way about the first Mummy, so I guess if you liked the first, you'll like The Mummy Returns. Of course, if you liked the first Mummy, you would have to have seen it - and if you've seen it, you've seen Mummy Returns, too. You'd be better off buying the first movie than standing in line and paying theatre prices for the sequel.

My Rating = Two Stars

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