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This blithely diverting hoopla is sure to make you cackle with glee. One humorous scene follows another and the fun never ends.

Doug Kinney(Michael Keaton) is an overworked construction worker - his employees pave the wrong driveway leaving him with extra work; he misses his daughter's important girl scout meeting; he has no time for his family, let alone himself and now his wife, Laura (Andie MacDowell) plans to go back to work. That means that he'll have to help out with the kids more. How will he ever manage? Never fear, your typical nutty professor is here: a geneticist named Doctor Leeds offers Doug the chance to be cloned - with two of himself around , he'll have all the time he needs, right? Well, yes, but he also has all the problems he can handle, so instead of sending number 2 on his way, Doug acquires a third clone. When the third clone clones himself - still with me? - they wind up with an imbecile Doug. Oops!

Tricky situation after tricky situation arises. At one point, Doug is forced to duck out of a restaurant under a table with number 2's girlfriend to avoid his wife, who is with number two. Is your head spinning yet? Doug attempts to remedy the confusion by setting two ground rules for his clones: no sleeping with his wife, and no more clones. This doesn't really help, and Doug's clones manage to get him fired and provoke his wife to leave him. What's he to do?

Well, all the clones make for a huge starring role for Michael Keaton, who can easily handle such a role; you'll see plenty of Keaton's admirable acting and the chemistry seemed to be right with Andie MacDowell as his wife.

Rent this film for a barrel of laughs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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