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I was pleasantly surprised by the new Disney movie Mulan. Definitely not your typical G-rated Disney movie; good for little kids, excruciating for anyone else, Mulan is actually a movie you can take kids to without having to take half a bottle of aspirin!

The plot is a little hokey, naturally - Mulan is a young Chinese woman who isn't ladylike enough to suit her family. When her elderly father is called to war, she decides to steal his armor, pretend to be a boy, and serve for him in the Imperial Army. Her ancestors send a rather puny dragon to help her - that's where Eddie Murphy comes in. I know what you're thinking - Eddie Murphy in a G-rated movie? What's the world coming to? But Murphy is humorous as the dragon, although there were a few occasions where I thought the script was just dying for some stronger language on his part. However, I found the humor to be, for the most part, entertaining, and the music was terrific. The plot was predictable, and the characters one-dimensional, but not to the point that it's headache-inducing. If you're taking your kids to a Disney movie this summer, Mulan is the one to go to.

My Rating = Two Stars

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