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Mouse Hunt



Mouse Hunt
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This movie would have bored me out of my skull if it weren't for one thing: I like mice. Call me a traitor to my fat cat, but I think they're cute, and if my aforementioned cat wouldn't make lunch of them, I'd get a couple as pets.

The story is pretty ridiculous, the plot barely existent. A couple brothers inherit from their recently deceased father a wreck of a house (which they later discover to be worth millions). While investigating their grand inheritance, they run into quite a problem: you guessed it, the mouse. These two rather hefty gentleman simply cannot get that mouse, hard as they may try. And they do try. They bring in an unsuccessful cat, and - how cruel - an equally unsuccessful exterminator. The mouse just keeps outwitting these witless dummies.

Little kids won't notice plot discrepancies and will enjoy this movie, and so will animal lovers of all ages. (I'm so glad Hollywood finally got away from the Free Willy thing when making animal movies!)

My Rating = Two Stars

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