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This laughable comedy is about - what else - a guy and his mother.

Okay, I'll give you more details. After his second divorce, science fiction writer John decides his problems with women are related to - pardon the pun - his relationship with his mother, Beatrice (Debbie Reynolds). So what does he do? He moves back in with dear old Mom, again!

This leads to side - splitting scenes. At one point Beatrice suggests that John's writing skill diminished when he stopped eating meat. In another amusingly dense scene, Beatrice names the cruddy pieces of ice on top of the sherbert the "protective ice" and serves John a previously frozen salad (who ever heard of freezing a salad?) She's the 'save-everything' Mom who goes to extremes.

If your mother gets on your nerves, rent Mother. In no time you'll be grateful you don't have Beatrice for a mom, even if yours is almost as annoying.

My Rating = Three Stars

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