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Moscow on the Hudson



Moscow on the Hudson
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Moscow on the Hudson although engaging, is not a particularly remarkable film.

Robin Williams is a Russian circus performer who travels to New York to do a show. While he is shopping in Bloomingdale's, he decides to "defect", or escape from the KGB agents guarding him so he can stay in America. A kind black security guard offers him a place to stay, a Cuban lawyer scouting clients offers to help him become a citizen, and an Italian clerk is eager to start a romance with him. Soon he is writing home to tell his family about his wonderful new life - and he apparently forgets all about his old girlfriend, whom he planned to marry. In one funny scene, he writes, "I just bought my first pair of American shoes, made in Italy."

Williams' acting is certainly commendable, and the plot is original. Moscow on the Hudson stretched on a little too long though, and was rather obvious in some places.

My Rating = Two Stars

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