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The Full Monty



The Full Monty
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The Full Monty, a loony-bin inspired British comedy is a non-stop side splitter. While the British accents are a bit hard to interpret, they don't detract from the movie, and a funny line is a funny line, no matter what kind of accent you say it with.

Gaz (Robert Carlyle) a divorced and newly laid-off father, desperately needs to make some money so he can keep visitation rights with his son. His buddies are also out of work, and desperate. At one point, they humorously discuss how to kill themselves. One suggests drowning; another protests that he doesn't know how to swim; and the first says, "That's the whole point!" By then I was cracking up.

Finally Gaz devises a plan: he - and his friends - will become male strippers to earn money. Have I mentioned that these guys are all either completely ugly or just average looking? (An especially flabby friend named Dave is the funniest of all.) And, oh yes, Gaz lets his young and impressionable son watch them rehearse.

This results in many hilarious scenes, and the laughter never stops. The acting is, well, average for a comedy, but who cares? It's funny. I only regret I didn't see it sooner (it's been in the box office for months).

My Rating = Three Stars

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