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Money Talks



Money Talks
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Money Talks is as funny as the previews claim - and how often does that happen?

Franklin, a ticket scalper and part- time freeloader, is sent to jail (big surprise). After being framed by a fellow jailbird, Franklin escapes is soon wanted for MURDER. Nosy reporter John Russell gets the scoop because he'd previously interviewed Franklin about a car wash (although they couldn't air the interview due to Franklin's excessive cussing).

I couldn't stop giggling in this movie. It wasn't necesarily side - splitting, just continually amusing.

Note: I wouldn't advise taking little kids to this movie as the profanity is endless and just plain overkill. I lost count of how many times I heard a certain swearword used in the first five minutes, and that doesn't count all the other swear words continually shouted.

My Rating = Three Stars

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