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The Money Pit



The Money Pit
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Tom Hanks and Shelley Long star in the marvelously engaging comedy The Money Pit.

Walter Fielding (Hanks) and his live-in girlfriend Anna Crowley (Long) are kicked out of their New York apartment by Anna's ex husband. Walter asks a realtor friend for some help, and winds up buying a mansion for two hundred thousand dollars (supposedly it's worth a million) from a strange old woman. Before they know it, they're sinking money into the house faster than they can make it (both are almost starving musicians). Walter finds what he assumes to be a good carpenter (Joe Mantegna) and is forced to give him a big deposit before he actually does any work. Meanwhile, they have no running water, their staircase crashes and they're forced to get up and down the stairs with a ladder, and flipping just one light switch causes an electrical fire.

This movie is quite comically entertaining. Hanks is, of course, always a great comedic actor, and the scenes are well done, if rather unbelievable.

My Rating = Three Stars

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