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Mod Squad



Mod Squad
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The Mod Squad failed to impress me.

Peter Cochran (Giovanni Ribisi), Julie Barnes (Claire Danes), and Lincoln Hayes (Omar Epps), three young convicts, are each offered a job as something like assistant cops. Their boss, Captain Adam Greer, will keep them out of jail if they help him by getting into clubs and other "young, hip people" type places to collect evidence on various crimes. Unfortunately, they serve only to hinder him. Soon enough, however, he is murdered, and they are framed. They can't go to anyone on the police force because the majority of the police force is in on a huge drug operation. So it's up to Pete, Julie, and Lincoln to save the day all by themselves.

Although The Mod Squad wasn't monotonous, it wasn't exactly thrilling, either. I found myself thinking of other things, several times. Not only was the plot loosely crafted but over-dramatized and unrealistic as well.

I didn't care for the characters either. Lincoln was the only of the three that seemed levelheaded enough to be a cop; Julie and Pete were too immature, too emotional, and too foolish. A few brief and well-needed but not entirely successful attempts at levity are the only good points in this film.

My Rating = Two Stars

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