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Mobsters is far too reminiscent of The Godfather, which means it's not only boring but a rip-off of another much more successful film as well.

It does have on thing going in its favor: Christian Slater. But even he can't save this poor film (although he does make it a little less lousy.)

Mobsters takes place in the nineteen-twenties, when prohibition drove many to bootlegging liquor. Slater plays Lucky Luciano, the leader of a group of four mobsters who dabble in the bootlegging business, among other things. Caught in the struggle between two mob bosses, he decides to play the two crime families against each other, for his own benefit. Meanwhile, he carries on an ill-fated romance with a stripper.

Slater is a good actor, but this film was too tedious. Also, the ending was almost comical in its simplicity: Slater decides that there will be no mob boss. All the big mobsters will form a committee and take votes, just like all large corporations. I almost had to laugh at the idea, especially when it was stated that "under Luciano, peace reigned in organized crime". However, that was pretty much the only amusing moment in this typical, dull-as-dishwater mob movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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